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Translation, Editing, Proofreading

As a company, we have been in the business of professional translation for over 20 years. Back in the days when we started, media services for Asian languages were some of the first services we had to do. Today, the constant demand for multimedia translation services is the reason we took the time to create the 1-StopMedia brand to take care of that.

Translating any of the Asian languages is not an easy task but if you add the requirements of screen, time, or voice for that matter, then the task becomes even harder.

Just as an example in Korean, even simple types of food like rice – can have more than 10 variations of honorifications according to the situation and relationship between the speaker and listener.

For us translation is personal, so we’ve taken it to heart to have a dedicated team that works with you at each step of the process and is just a click away.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop PublishingWhen it comes to having one text in multiple languages and keeping the same layout and formatting, Desktop Publishing Services (DTP) is a must so you get the same result in all languages.

Asian languages are very specific in this regard and can actually be quite difficult to handle. There are differences in the writing systems and the spatial distribution of some of them like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Because of that, we often perform desktop publishing after the translation is finalized. That way we can adjust where the information is positioned in the target language and fit it to the way foreign audiences are used to seeing it.

As a translation company that works for other media and translation service providers, we’ve chosen diversity as one of our top priorities. For that purpose, our teams work with almost any tool available on the market both media or translation-related.


Transcreation services stand for “translation + recreation” and what it does is adapt a specific message from one language to another. At the same time, its style, meaning, and context should remain the same. Asian cultures in many aspects are different from the rest of the world and this often means that the literal translation of the original text is different as well. While it is an important service to some fields more than others, marketing transcreation is essential in order to communicate the right message to the right audience.

For Asian languages, there is almost no such thing as a normal translation, editing, proofreading job and if you’ve worked with them for a while, you’ll probably know that. The literal translation in almost any of these languages is a no-go and sometimes, as a reliable LSP partner, we have to advise our clients which service they need.

Machine Translation & MTPE

Machine TranslationAll of our other translation services are performed by human translators, however, with the diversity of requirements and growing popularity of machine translation, we have adopted a balanced approach towards it. It is important to note that machine translation doesn’t always work well with Asian languages but this is not to discourage our clients from using it but rather to point them in the right direction.

Whether to use or not MT is a matter of priority for you and your client. If your client needs a huge volume delivered in a shorter time, then a wise solution might be to use machine translation and add a post-editing step in order to achieve the desired quality of the translation.

On the other hand, if you know that your client exclusively requires a specific tone of voice or the language should be adapted to a certain audience and carefully localized then you’d better recommend human translation, namely Translation Edition Proofreading (TEP).

Other services on demand

The above services are only a limited selection of our extensive translation services, which can complement our 1-StopMedia brand. For further information and a detailed portfolio of all our professional services for LSPs you can always contact your dedicated person from our team as well as visit our main website 1-StopAsia.

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