Tailored Media Services
from Asian Translation Experts


Screen Translation

Screen translation is a very dynamic and fast-growing industry, which involves the use of both sound and imagery, to guarantee that nothing is “lost in translation”.

Post-production services are complementary services to Screen translation and they have their own place in our portfolio for media translation services for Asian languages.

As a company, we have been in the business of professional translation for over 20 years. Back in the days when we started, media services for Asian languages were some of the first services we had to do.


1-StopMedia is a leading Media Service Provider exclusively dedicated to helping other companies navigate the intricate world of Asia and its languages. Our most important goal is to become an easy-going and trustworthy partner for translation businesses that need to outsource media services. We have tailored our expertise around Asian languages in order to provide our partners with immediate access to a portfolio of services to offer their own clients.


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